Welcome Sufferers from all over the globe. In this confusing, chaotic, frightening, rapidly changing world, things are becoming overwhelming for those who are healthy, but for those of us with chronic, debilitating disease/s owning vague labels like Fibromyalgia (FMS), Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS or CFS), or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) that, supposedly, have no known cause, no definitive treatment and no known cure, our worlds--our lives-- are now strangers to us.  Very often, we feel so lost and confused.  Some days, we can't even recognize ourselves in the mirror.  Some days, we can't walk over to the mirror.

This website has been created for you as healing balm and as a form of therapy for me.  One of the first ways I believe I can help you is to save you a lot of hassle and body strain by linking you to some of the best web sites out there, imho.  Please feel free to click on the Links/Resources page now if reading the rest of this is too difficult.  If you are like me, computer work is rough.  Brain fog, pain, muscles spasms, visual disturbances and you-name-it make sitting here, in front of this machine, a difficult thing to do.  Quick links to good resources will be useful tools.

I rejoice in that I finally have a real diagnosis of a real disease (with co-infections) which can be focused on in battle and treatment.  I’ve chosen to approach this new information with a positive, proactive plan, hence the name, “Life Rejuvenate.”  The www.vocabulary.com dictionary explains:

When you make something young again or give it more life and energy, you rejuvenate it. For example, you can often rejuvenate a not-quite-dead plant, bringing it back to health with some water and some TLC.

The calendar tells me that, at this writing, I’ve agonized for 16+ years (March is my “got sick anniversary”) feeling much like a “not-quite-dead-plant” and have been unable to be employed or to volunteer, to help my husband with our small real estate business or even to care for our home or, sometimes, my own body.   I’ve been debilitated with over 42 symptoms that gave me a label that you might relate to:


“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

“Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.”

If you are here because you've been thrown the garbage can diagnoses mentioned or, even worse, you have been told, “It’s all in your head--Nobody could have that many symptoms” (yes, I've actually had a doctor tell me that!) chances are



Most people who have Chronic Lyme Disease (a better title would be “Lyme Complex” since the co-infections accompanying chronic Lyme Disease can sometimes cause more problems than the Lyme bacteria) can't recall a tick bite (other blood-sucking bugs have also been found to spread the infection) and never noticed the so-called “bulls-eye red rash.” Most lab tests are unreliable so many victims of this EPIDEMIC go undiagnosed, as was my case.

Click on “Lyme Disease” under the CHRONIC DEBILITATING CONDITIONS page to learn more.  Also visit my brilliant doctors’ websites,  doctors who finally gave me real answers, by clicking on the LINKS page.


In June of 2015, Dr. Ed Gibbs in Seaside OR, identified Lyme Disease as the malady that has tried to destroy my life. While this diagnosis is not good news, what is good news is that I have a REAL diagnosis!  The SUPER wonderful news is that CERTAIN THERAPIES CAN SET UP A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT WHEREBY THE BACTERIA THAT CAUSES LYME CAN NO LONGER SURVIVE. For me, that means HEALING!

I desire to share with you what I know, what I'm learning and what I hope to discover.  I want to help you and, in doing that, I also do a healthy thing for me.  This site addresses many things, including mysterious, chronic, disabling diseases that seem to intertwine or mimic each other in many ways. Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ALS and Gulf War Syndrome, as examples, have many of the same symptoms as “fibromyalgia.”  Because I find that very strange and highly suspicious, I do not approach my research in the “typical” way.  Do the words chemtrails, biological warfare (read about Plum Island off the coast of [Lyme] Connecticut USA), ELF (“extremely low frequency”,) EMF (“electromagnetic field”,) vaccinations, pesticides, GMO, chlorine, and fluoride strike a chord with you?  HOW GREAT if you are “with me” in following those trails of things that are triumphant in weakening our bodies so that our systems easily accept infectious diseases and an array of other tortures!  If you’re not quite sure to what I am referring, why not stick around?  You might be surprised at how much you'll learn!  (The Internet has a plethora of substantiated info on these subjects [be careful what you read; much info is deception.  Verify resources as much as you can.]  You just have to “think outside the box” in order to consider the real truth.)  Prepare to go through the stages of grief [that don't follow any sequential pattern, btw] in the exponential learning curve!  You will be emotional but the truth shall set you free.

The next thing I'd like to speak (softly) of is losing all hope.  I've read many times about and spoken to victims of debilitating chronic conditions who perceive that suicide is the only option for relief. Fibromyagia/Chronic Fatigue/M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in the UK= Chronic Fatigue), Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and even Alzheimer’s has had links to Lyme brains/bodies in some cases.  Oh, traditional pharma medicine is never going to tell patients that.  Yet, autopsies have proven otherwise (of course, that info is covered up... never shouted from the rooftops as it should be!) 

Dear Reader, please hear me: SUICIDE IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION.

NOBODY WINS if you take your life.  Please stay here with me, knowing that I truly feel your pain.  I’ve experienced first hand that deeeeep dark hole of lasting, breath-robbing depression.  Please reach out to me, to people who love you, to crisis lines, to anything that will help carry you through the next minute, the next hour, the next day.  (Scan down my LINKS/RESOURCES page.  People are waiting to help.) 

The Greatest of all “Things” that I find strength and HOPE in is not a “thing” at all; the strength and hope of all living beings is in our Creator; His Name is YHVH, the One Whose essence is love [(c)hHesed is the Hebrew Word for this kind of “love.”]  Often and with us unaware most times, I'm sure of it (I've experienced it), The Creator keeps us from struggles and terror, tho we might not “feel” shielded.  Sometimes, we make huge mistakes that have natural and very negative consequences, but sometimes, YHVH allows huge battles to come into our lives.  He is God; He does what He chooses. Our job is not to know or to understand all the reasons; our purpose is to serve only Him... to obey Him in trust and honor. Frankly, if I didn't know Him and wasn't counting on His Power and Intervention in my life with every breath I take, I would have given up long ago... long before “fibromyalgia” (Lyme Disease) came along. 

I’m not talking about religion.  I’m not talking about “Christianity” or “positive thinking” or “carma” here.  I’m introducing you to YHVH, your Creator (I met Him as a very young child (still sleeping in a crib) before I ever knew about the Tanakh (Bible.)  He desires you to call on Him; if you seek Him with your whole heart, with your entire being, He can be found; He WILL carry you through.  He will walk with you; He will never leave or forsake you as people say He does.  It's people who turn their backs and forsake Him... a very self-abusive move imho.  (I might add that self-abusive thoughts can be caused by the Lyme spirochete.  We’re talking WICKED stuff here.)

We who have debilitating diseases all know the dragons we face each day, each hour, each minute.  Some of us many times fight to get out of bed.  Some of us have to rely on caregivers to lift us from the bed!  Others of us might be able to work at maintaining a simple home or at a profession for a full day and have enough energy at the end of the day to tell about it!  Sometimes, our brains can't put a sentence together.  Other days, we are able to use our brains quite brilliantly!  I think, for many of us, maybe it's that inconsistency of the disease we live with that is the most frustrating of all.

By professions, I was a nurse and teacher prior to what was labeled as Fibromyalgia Syndrome hitting me broadside one morning in March of 2001 at age 45.  I have lost   family, friends, careers, income potential, independence, volunteer posts, favorite hobbies and pastimes ...... in fact, I've lost “lifestyle” as I knew it.  However, I have not lost life!  With my newly-discovered diagnosis of Lyme Disease (and doctors who have dedicated their lives to gaining knowledge and wisdom in how to treat patients with chronic Lyme Disease)

I have found new hope for healing once again!

I would so love to have you help me help others.  Are you a member of a fantastic support group and think we might like to add a link to our/their website?  Do you have specific tools, techniques or resources that have helped you live successfully and colorfully with your illness?   Do you share life with a Service Animal?  Do you have an excellent caregiver who might be able to share his or her experiences of attending to a person fading in front of his eyes? (Caregivers need lots of encouragement and answers, just like we do!)  Do you know places, “urgent care centers,” so to speak, that REALLY offer EMERGENCY SERVICES to those in URGENT NEED? 

Please get in touch to share your info.


(Note: Formerly, this website’s name was Bitterman’s Banners and was focused on how to fight “fibromyalgia,” a non-diagnosis of a non-disease without healing treatment by the world of western medicine.  Since my diagnosis of Lyme Disease, I have a new vision for my life and for this site, this place of refuge.  As I am able, major parts of this website will change.  Please be patient.) 

P.S. If you find errors here or have any helpful advice, please help me out immediately by clicking on the “contact us” button.  Thanks in advance!


DISCLAIMER:  This site is personal and is entirely maintained by a victim of Lyme Disease who goes by the anonymous name Hesed.  I am a (hobby) researcher working to find answers and  I am a warrior, even if I feel bludgeoned some days. I mean to be an encourager to my fellow sufferers.  I am not a physician, therapist or medical expert in the newest theories and treatments.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any material located off site nor be responsible for any third-party interpretation of my material. For specifics on your situation, I encourage you to consult your own personal health care team or other experts in the various fields of interest to you.

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